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BORAT movie 
02:41am 08/09/2006
  I saw the BORAT movie tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival. Check out my information, including audio clips of Sacha Baron Cohen!!
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Tishniek Massacre 
02:30am 28/04/2006
mood: very proud
1. Sonja
2. Toronto, Canada

Borat: I do a picture, only small, of Tishniek Massacre, where many Uzbek crushed.
New Age Guy: How did you feel when you did this?
B: Very proud.
NAG: Very proud?
B: Yes.
NAG: I'm just listening with sadness, a little sadness for your people.
B: Yes, no, it is not sad. It is us who do the kill.
Virgin entry. wo hoooo 
02:51pm 17/11/2005
  Check it, me stats:
1. "Poutine"
2. Ontario
3. "me mum's poonanny!" & "ur a minga, so shu'up!"
01:57pm 27/04/2005
  Ali G is so WICKED. I gotta go keep it real.  
07:11pm 28/01/2005
  Hi what's up??? I was trying to tell my friend about Da Ali G Show and he seemed pretty interested. However, I could only remember a handful of quotes from the show. Could anybody send me the scripts or transcripts for the first season so I can show them to my friend. Thanks.  
11:11pm 03/01/2005
  Yo Yo
Who here has Ali G: In Da House?
I got it for christmas, and it is SOOOO damn funny. I is like laughin all da time nah.
ahaha if you dont have it then get it.

Favorite part of the movie??
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01:53am 12/12/2004
  BOOYAKASHA! Holla, my name is Laura, and I is from New Hampshire, da ghetto of dis country. Ali G is my homeboy, and I show him much respec, chah!

Haha.. now that all of that is over with... My name is Laura, I'm from NH, and I LOVE DA ALI G SHOW!
I can't think of any quotes at the moment, but I love when Bruno is interviewing all the fashion people, and they're dissing Paris Hilton, and he tells them that the Hilton's own the tv station, so they gush about how talented and in she is... it's so fake, it's amazing!
ok here's a quote (overused, but amazing):

"You are a homosapein."
"Yo, yo, no I ain't."
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04:05pm 02/01/2005
  my cousin knows sascha cohen aka ali g. i am SO jealous. she said she would let me meet him or get his autograph for me. i am SO happy right now!  
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04:38pm 19/12/2004
  So I was watching the Bills-Bengals game today, and the Bills' starting running back, Willis McGahee, suffered an injury. As a result, they brought in his back-up to replace him................ and his back-up was Shaud Williams!!! All I could think of was, "Are you allowed to date other members of the team or do you have to wait until the season is over?" Our little Shaudy has made the NFL! His fans in Austria must be very proud!  
04:38pm 11/12/2004
  1. Name: Lisa
2. Location: NJ
3. Favorite Ali G quote: thats really hard, ummmm, probably when he's interviewing an old catholic man and asks "Do you believe in sex education?" and the guy says "Absolutely not." and he asks "What if porn stars taught da sex education?" and the guy says "No, I have no respect whatsoever for those people." and Ali says "But they gots the most experience at boning."

that was the first episode i saw =) has anyone seen the movie? i wanna know if its worth the money to buy.
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04:26pm 26/11/2004
mood: chipper
Name: Kathy

Location: Miami, FL

Fav. Ali G. Quote: soo many of them, especially borat quotes... i like,
'i am here in helenor gardens, where old english gentlemen watch muscly young boys in a boat shaped like a mans KCHEM.'

'what do i do in situation where the man with the chocolate face, come up to me with the, you know, heh heh, the big one?'

-after you are done washing using the bathroom, you wash ur hands,-
-and can i make a dirt in here?-
-no! you'll be thrown out of the club if you do that,-
-because its not hygenic!-
-but why not!?-
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09:24pm 11/10/2004
mood: exhausted
1. Name: Emily
2. Location: NYC
3. Favorite Ali G quote:
hahaha hard to pick just one, buttt i LOVE the whole scene with andy rooney, when he goes "yous being a racialist!"

aaah this is kinda stupid, but does anyone know how to do the ali-g side snap? haha i really want to learn how!
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Americans, they-ah love baseballs. 
05:56pm 26/09/2004
  Yo For First Entries make sure you say:
1. Name: Masha
2. Location: New York City
3. Favorite Ali G quote:

"Is it alright for a woman to practice feminism when she is drunk at a party and then the next morning she is sobered up and wants to get back with her boyfriend?"


"But what about the bone that grows in, like, two seconds?" <-- i realize someone posted this up, but it's classic so I just had to put it.
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12:48am 30/08/2004
  my icon wins.

and by the way my last name is baron.
yeah yeah yeah no one cares.
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Ali G Marathon... 
07:06pm 30/08/2004
  I saw an ad on HBO last week for a marathon of all six Ali G episodes from season two. I thought they said the marathon was airing last night at 10:30, but they only showed one episode. Does anyone know when they're gonna air this marathon or have I already missed it???  
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i was 11, and she was like 24, and a model. and she wanted more, i just didn't want to commit. 
06:25pm 28/08/2004
  1. Dana
2. new jersey
3. "since 99% of dogs don't speak english..."
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Hey, I'm New 
06:16am 25/08/2004
  Name: Sean
Location: Boston, MA/Horsham, PA
Quote: "So you would need a dog to help write it?"

By the way, does anyone know what the song is that plays in between the Borat segments??? I don't mean the main theme, but the song in between where they usually show a subtitled caption. If anyone knows or has a copy of it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Boyakasha!
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In My Country There is Problem (Jew Down the Well) 
09:49pm 24/08/2004
  in my country there is problem.
and that problem is transport.
it take very very long
because Kazakhstan is Big.
throw transport down the well
so my country can be free (so my country can be free)
We must make travel easy
then we have a big party
in my country there is problem
and that problem is the Jew
They take everybodys money.
They never give it back.

Throw the Jew down the well!
So my country can be free!
(So my country can be free)
You must grab him by his horns
then we have a big party

If you see the jew coming,
you must be careful of his Teeth
you must help him by his money
and i tell you what to do

Throw the jew down the well!
(Throw the jew down the well)
So my country can be free!
(So my country can be free)
You must grab him by his horns!
(You must grab him by his horns!)
Then we have a big party
(Then we have a big party)

Throw the Jew down the well!
(Throw the Jew down the well!)
So My country can be free!
(So my country can be free!)
You must grab him by his horns
(You must grab him by his horns)
Then we haaave a biig party!!!
Thank you!
07:27pm 14/08/2004
  Hahahaha has anyone ever seen the Ali G show when it was in Britan? I download this 24 minute video off of bearshare and it was called the best of borat and it was funny as hell.
so if you got BearShare, or any of those file sharing programs find and download "the best of borat" tis nice!
11:49am 04/08/2004
  just joined:
1. emma
2. NYC
3. i had sex last night...BUT SHE WAS NICE!!
is it cause i is black?